2018 Hay Show Results at NC State Fair

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Image of hay

Congratulations to the NC farmers and farms who placed top in the 2018 Hay Show at the NC State Fair. Hay samples were ranked based on a weighed scored that considered TDN (total digestible nutrients), CP (crude protein), a visual score (weed presence), and adjusted for nitrate concentration. The score was calculated as:

Weighed score = visual score (0.4) + TDN (0.4) + CP (0.2) + Nitrate adjustment.

Alfalfa category:

  • Tunnel Creek Farm, LLC
  • King Fisher Park Farming, LLC
  • Christopher Stegall

Bermudagrass category:

  • Taylor Waitt
  • Tar River Ranch
  • Troy Jackson

 Tall fescue category:

  • Scott Baucom
  • Tar River Ranch


  • Tar River Ranch
  • Kind Fisher Farming, LLC
  • Tunnel Creek Farm, LLC

Warm-season grasses:

  • Michael Teague
  • John Burt
  • David Collins

Mixed cool-season grasses:

  • Russ Hanes (also won best of show among all categories)
  • Michael Teague

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants, NC-Extension and USDA-APHIS personnel that coordinated the 2018 Hay Show.