NC Hay Producers Received Awards at the 2018 Southeastern Hay Contest

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The Southeastern Hay Contest is the premiere forage quality contest in the Southeast USA, with entries coming from hundreds of producers across 13 states. The goal of the contest is to demonstrate the potential for high-quality hay and baleage, showcase the management abilities of producers, and highlight technology and equipment that make it all possible.

North Carolina’s producers received awards in several categories in the 2018 contest based on sample RFQ values (interpretation of the RFQ hay quality index). The results by categories were:

Alfalfa Hay 

  • Cline Farms (Burke Co.) placed 2nd with sample RFQ = 283. (this is the fourth year in a row that Alfalfa hay samples from NC placed 2nd in this category).
  • Mountainside Farm (Anson Co) placed 4th with sample RFQ = 247.
  • Stegall Farms, LLC (Anson Co), placed 5th with sample RFQ = 208.

Cool-seaon Perennial Grass Hay 

  • Fence Row Farms, (Union Co) placed 3rd with sample RFQ = 131.

Mixed, Annual Grass, or Other Hay

  • Cline Farms (Burke Co) placed 2nd with sample RFQ = 170.
  • Fence Row Farms (Union Co) placed 3rd with sample RFQ = 161.

Legume Baleage

  • Fence Row Farms (Union Co) placed 1st with sample RFQ = 153.

Congratulations to the farmer winners and also to the local County Extension agents. This contest is built on the producer-agent relationship for sample submission and verification.